Why are we asking for your vote?


Each fee-paying, Storrs student automatically receives a Nutmeg Yearbook at no additional cost following their graduation. Storrs undergraduate students currently pay $3/semester, $6/year for the Nutmeg Publishing fee, which is one of several Student Activities fees. Over the course of 4 years, the average student will contribute $24 to a yearbook that is worth $62 each due to publication and shipping costs.

Nutmeg is asking for a $4 fee increase ($5/semester, $10/year) to continue producing the historic Nutmeg Yearbook. Without this fee increase, Nutmeg Publishing will most likely produce its last yearbook issue in 2018. After over 100 years, this would be an unfortunate tradition to disappear from the University of Connecticut. Save your yearbook by voting!

We want to continue providing a free yearbook to seniors when they graduate from UConn, and this fee increase will allow us to do so!

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